As a conscientious public adjuster, you know that you have been hired by the policyholder to advocate for him/her and represent the best interests of the insured.

Having said this, it happens to everyone at some time that there is a question we didn’t ask, or an answer we didn’t get, or something that slips by us.

Why DoPublic AdjusterDo Business With US?

We are always stronger in a team, especially when faced with the limitless budgets, lack of urgency and position of strength from which the insurance companies deal.

In our capacities as insurance umpire, expert witness and insurance appraisers, we have developed tools, expertise and an advantageous disposition to the industry and we are willing to share it.

Public Adjusters find us to be a useful partner in the following circumstances:


Public AdjusterAOBServices

Complex Claims

Exceptional Circumstances

Large Loss Claims

Needing More Resources

Specialized Claims

Needing Special Tools