Who Are Assignment Of BenefitsClients?

People generally come to us when they have suffered from catastrophic damage to their building and want to get it fixed in the simplest and most efficient manner possible.

There are a many of reasons that people choose to use assignment of benefits roofing.

Here are some of them.

AOB Clients Want To . . .

Save Time

Some People are just very busy

Manage Property

Commercial Property Managers

Finance Repairs

Free Financing? Why Not!

Hedge Bets

Increase Your Odds Of A Win

Fight A Claim

Denied Claims, Slow Payment

Insurance Claims ProcessAssignment Of BenefitsSteps

Regardless of the reasons behind choosing an assignment of benefits, the steps are the same



Every claim is unique.

Get a clear understanding of the client’s situation.

Any emergency meditative repairs are undertaken during the first days.

No cost to the client



Win Win All Ways.

We lay it timelines and plans to the client.

If the client agrees with our assessment, we go to contract.

No cost to the client



We’re On Our Way…

We execute all of the studies and documentation. We file the claim.

If agreed in the contract, we start repairs.

No cost to the client



It’s Done!

After all necessary negotiations and/or litigation, we come to settlement with the insurance company.

Any and all loose ends are finalized for construction or payment.

No cost to the client