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Unfortunately, you can’t always count on your insurance company to do the right thing. Assignment of Benefits Roofing is a tool at your disposal to help you if your insurance company is slow to pay, if you have had an insurance claim denied, or if your insurance company is operating in Bad Faith.



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About Our Assignment of Benefits Project


This assignment of benefits effort was put together as a result of many years of experience by our crew in both roofing and private insurance adjusting. Our staff and management knows roofing and has been in the roofing business since 1989. We also know insurance and the insurance claim process from working in the insurance adjusting business since 2003. 

Through the course of these many years of experience in both roofing and the insurance industry, we have learned not only how to handle insurance claims and insurance companies, but we know roofing and are able to ensure that your roof is replaced with exacting standards and professionalism.  Our team’s advice is sought all over the US by roofers and insurance adjusters alike for  complex insurance claims. We often are called upon to provide expert witness services for both insurance companies and private individuals alike. We also are regularly called to provide insurance umpire services to help settle disputes between insured parties and their insurance companies and keep both sides working cleanly and efficiently through the insurance claim process.

All of these elements come into play when exercising judgement about what is needed from a documentary and proof perspective to ensure the success of a claim and the reality surrounding reimbursable damages.

We have the clear ability to calculate what your claim is realistically worth and how long it should take to settle. Once establishing the settlement capability of your claim, we will proceed with repairs for you FOR FREE while we wait for the insurance claim to settle.

There are many reasons why people choose to use assignment of benefits. Here are a few of them.


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Phil is a keen and vocal advocate for “doing the right thing” and a commercial roofing industry leader always in pursuit of getting a fair shake for the insured homeowner. Licensed Commercial Roofing Contractor, Licensed Public Insurance Adjuster, Insurance Umpire, Expert witness and winner of “entrepreneur of the year” award. Phil works tirelessly to ensure that all clients get treated fairly and with respect by their insurance company.




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